I would like to use this platform to demonstrate the work I have done, my interests. Hope this is beneficial to you if you bump into this site.
I studied environmental and resource science in college, then I was fascinated by Geographic Information Systems and computer science and engineering. I got my MA in Geography and MS in Computer Science from UGA.
My dreams were to check out houses, I have realized this dream, and I am a licensed real estate broker and a proud member of National Association of Realtors, I can use my extensive geospacial, economic, legal and engineering knowledge to help people with their largest investment in life time which is also coined "American dream".
My second dream is to have a garage to do car repairs, I had a very good classmate in graduate school, he was from Russia, he was a fighter jet pilot before, so he was very good at mechanics, he helped me a lot with my car. Cars have evolved a lot, simple tools won't be able to tackle some complicated repair jobs anymore, I hope to use my technology/engineering knowledge to help people with their cars, but I cannot check off this one yet, it involves much more money to acquire commercial real estate, equipment for garage and man power. However, I will post some simple jobs I have done, and you can share your experience, if you happen to own the same make, that would be awesome!

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Welcome to the world of Nucleus CMS. In 2001 a set of PHP scripts were let loose on the open Internet. Those scripts, which took user-generated data and used it to dynamically create html pages, contained the ideas and the algorithms that are the core of today's Nucleus CMS. Though Nucleus CMS 3.5 is far more flexible and powerful than the scripts from which it emerged, it still expresses the values that guided its birth: flexibility, security, and computational elegance.

Thanks to an international community of sophisticated developers and designers, Nucleus CMS remains simple enough for anyone to learn, and expandable enough to allow you to build almost any website you can imagine. Nucleus CMS lets you integrate text, images, and user comments in a seamless package that will make your web presence as serious, professional, personal, or fun as you want it to be. We hope you enjoy its power.

Documentation - docs.nucleuscms.org
The install process places a user and a developer documentation on your web server. Pop-up help is available throughout the administration area to assist you in maintaining and customizing your site. When in the Nucleus CMS admin area, click on this symbol help icon for context-sensitive help. You can also read this documentation online under docs.nucleuscms.org.

Frequently Asked Questions - faq.nucleuscms.org
If you need more information about managing, extending or troubleshooting your Nucleus CMS the Nucleus FAQ is the first place to search information. Over 170 frequently asked questions are answered from experienced Nucleus users.

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Should you require assistance, please don't hesitate to join the 6,800+ registered users on our forums. With its built-in search capability of the 73,000+ posted articles, your answers are just a few clicks away. Remember: almost any question you think of has already been asked on the forums, and almost anything you want to do with Nucleus has been tried and explained there. Be sure to check them out.

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Want to play around, test changes or tell a friend or relative about Nucleus CMS? Visit our live demo site.

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The combination of multi-weblogs and skins/templates make for a powerful duo in personalizing your site or designing one for a friend, relative or business client. Import new skins to change the look of your website, or create your own skins and share them with the Nucleus community! Help designing or modifying skins is only a few clicks away in the Nucleus forums.

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Looking to add some extra functionality to the base Nucleus CMS package? Our plugin repository gives you plenty of ways to extend and expand what Nucleus CMS can do; your imagination and creativity are the only limit on how Nucleus CMS can work for you.

Development - dev.nucleuscms.org
If you need more information about the Nucleus development you can find Informations in the developer documents at dev.nucleuscms.org or in the Support Forum. Sourceforge.net graciously hosts our Open Source project page which contains our software downloads and CVS repository.

We would like to thank these nice people for their support. Thanks all!

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